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by Admin User - Monday, 10 January 2011, 09:12 AM

Welcome to the Seishin-Kan Online Learning Center!  Although the majority of the features of the Learning Center are available exclusively to Jikishin-Kai, Kokusai Nippon Budokai, Kokusai Okinawa Kobujutsu Renmei, and Seishin-Kan members, there are a few discussion areas accessible to guests, as well.  If you are just visiting today, we invite you to join one of our discussions.

In a few days we will be debuting a demonstration course and tutorial on using the Online Learning Center.  This demo course will also be available to guests, as well as members, so we hope you will take the opportunity to review the course and receive a preview of the types of learning experiences coming to the Learning Center this year.


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Available courses

  • Introduction to Bojutsu is a 6-week course that teaches the fundamentals of self-defense with the 6-foot staff (bo).  Students learn the nomenclature of the bo, basic grips, stances, blocking and striking techniques, footwork and movement, brief history of the bo and similar weapons, as well as a foundation bo kata, Hayashi no Kon Sho.

    Course Prerequisites:  MAS 101 Introduction to Okinawa Bujutsu or waiver

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The Seishin-Kan Online Learning Center serves several purposes for JKI, Seishin-Kan and Kokusai Okinawa Kobujutsu Renmei members:

  • JKI Tsushin Kyoiku (Distance Learning) Programs
  • Seishin-Kan Member Services and Discussions
  • Seishin-Kan Instructor Training
  • KOKR Instructor Training

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